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Morning Lesson is based on the pedagogical inspirations given by Rudolf Steiner. This work is supported by weekly practice classes in Math and Language Arts.


Primitive/Ancestral Skills connect the children with the natural world of which they are a part of, incorporating the wisdom, stories and songs of our family ancestors and the ancestors of this specific land.


Classes in Hand Work, Music and Art engage the will and creativity of each student. An off-site Equestrian program strengthens the human to horse bond, building trust and respect for our animal kin.

The Hedge.jpeg


The indoor learning spaces are toxin-free cedar cabins, that provide shelter and warmth, yet allow us to remain as close to nature as possible. These cabins are designed to be low-impact on the land, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing. 


The foundation of The Hedge lays with the land. Our program is on 32 undeveloped acres within five minutes of downtown Sandpoint, which include a vibrant bird habitat, forests, fields, wetlands and a year-round creek.

Tuition and Fees

Grades 1-5 $9,600

Supply Fee $300

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